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Current vacancies with Sun Life Financial of Canada

Why join us?

There’s no one answer. The reasons are as diverse as our people. Simply put, Sun Life Financial of Canada is an amazing place to work.

We know you want more than a job – you can get that anywhere. You want to put your talents to good use. You want a career. Preferably with a company that will challenge you to be your best, every day. With people who recognise your potential, and encourage you to flourish.

What better place than within a global company like Sun Life Financial of Canada? We’re constantly evolving, and that means new opportunities.

Around the world, our culture is supportive and encouraging. We want you to innovate, to lead, to aspire. We rely on those qualities to make us who we are: a company that accomplishes great things and is a leader in the financial services industry.

Your life could be brighter with Sun Life Financial of Canada.

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