If we look after a life insurance or pension policy for you, then some of your money might be invested in something called a ‘unit-linked fund’.

If you’re not sure whether your money is invested in a unit-linked fund, ask us.

What are unit-linked funds and how do they work?

A unit-linked fund is a type of investment fund. Like most types of investment fund, it works by pooling together lots of people’s money to invest in a range of assets, such as shares, bonds and property.

It’s called a unit-linked fund because when you pay into it, your money is converted from pounds and pence into a number of ‘units’, which make up the fund. How many units you get will depend on what a unit is worth when you put your money in. When you want to take money out, you sell some or all of your units.

The fund is looked after by an investment expert called a fund manager. It’s their job to choose which assets the fund invests in. They’ll do this by looking at what the fund needs to achieve – for example, creating growth in the medium to long-term. They’ll then choose the mix of assets that they think will work best for that goal taking into account the investment restrictions of the fund.

The price of a unit is re-calculated and updated regularly – usually every day. The value of your units is linked to the performance of the assets in the fund and can go either up or down. This means that you could get less than you put in. However, some of our funds come with a guaranteed minimum return.

Review your investments every year

You should check in with your investments every year to make sure they’re still giving you what you need.

We can give you general information. But for advice that’s specific to you or for help deciding what to do with your money, you’ll need to talk to a financial adviser. You can find one at www.unbiased.co.uk. They’ll probably charge you for their time.

Switching funds

For more information about fund switching please get in touch.

More information

This guide Adobe PDF document provides more information about how our unit-linked funds work and how we manage them.

Fund fact sheets

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Fund managers

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