More choice and control in retirement

i2Live is designed to give you more choice and flexibility as you move through your retirement. It consists of three retirement planning products:

  • i2Live Accumulator - a personal pension.
  • i2Live Drawdown - an income drawdown product.
  • i2Live Annuity - an investment-linked flexible annuity.

Before your retire: i2Live Accumulator, Taking your income: i2Live Drawdown or i2Live Annuity

Before retirement

i2Live Accumulator consolidates all of your pension savings into one single plan, making it easy to convert all or part of your retirement fund to i2Live Drawdown or i2Live Annuity when you want to start managing your retirement income.

Taking your retirement income

Although i2Live is no longer open to new customers, existing i2Live customers can move from one to product to another. Please note that you will now only be able to convert from the i2Live Accumulator to the i2Live Drawdown if you already have an existing i2Live Drawdown (one that has previously received a conversion from the i2Live Accumulator).

On retirement, you can choose to take a flexible retirement income without being locked into one annuity rate and keep your funds invested in equities through i2Live Annuity or i2Live Drawdown.

Both of these products have an Income Guarantee Option.

Income Guarantee Option

Enjoy the security of a guaranteed income

For many of us, retirement is full of possibilities – travel, new hobbies, perhaps spending more time with our grandchildren.

It is also a time when we need peace of mind, knowing that we’ll have enough money to live comfortably.

When you choose i2Live Drawdown or i2Live Annuity, you can opt to add an Income Guarantee Option for an annual charge. This gives you the reassurance of a minimum level of income, whether investments fall or rise in value.

Better still, your pension remains invested and still has the potential to grow. So, unlike a conventional level annuity that pays a fixed income for the rest of your life, your guaranteed minimum income could rise if your funds perform well during each five year review period.

Features of the Income Guarantee Option

  • A guaranteed minimum level of income (GMI) - no matter how your investments perform.
  • Apply the guarantee to all or part of your i2Live Annuity or i2Live Drawdown funds.
  • Switch the guarantee on and off when you want to and only pay for it when it's switched on
  • There is an annual charge of 0.95% on the funds to which the guarantee applies.
  • The Guaranteed Minimum Income level is reviewed every five years and may increase if your funds perform well.
  • When the guarantee is selected, a maximum of 60% of funds can be invested in equities (or funds of a similar risk to equities).

i2Live retirement solutions invest in unit-linked funds, which means the value of your pension fund can go down as well as up and is not guaranteed. i2Live retirement products are only available to existing i2Live customers.

Fund filter tool

Our fund filter tool is designed to help you research, compare and select the right funds. You can search by fund manager, Association of British Insurers (ABI) sector, investment objective, underlying asset type and fund type. If you feel you need investment advice you should contact a Financial Adviser. To find a Financial Adviser in your area please visit www.unbiased.co.uk.

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