Pensions dashboard

The Money and Pensions Service and other organisations are developing a new pensions dashboard service, where you will be able to submit a request to access your pensions information. This video explains how this will work

Pensions dashboards will be a useful tool to identify what pension savings you have built up. They will provide pensions information from all your pension providers online, securely and all in one place.

Pension dashboards won’t be available for a couple of years

The new pensions dashboard will be launched in phases. We expect you will be able to connect to the pensions dashboard at the end of October 2026. For more information about your pension now, please give us a call. We’re happy to help.

We’ll continue to send you an annual statement each year. This includes details about your pension plan costs and charges. You can find your latest fund prices, past performance data, fund charges and information about our fund managers on our fund hub.

You can also now log in to manage your plan with us online. If you haven’t viewed any of your plans online before, you’ll need to register.