To us, treating you fairly means being open and honest when we talk to you, and recruiting the right people with the right skills to look after your money. But it also means making it the responsibility of everyone at Sun Life Financial of Canada to ask what fairness means to you, to achieve a good outcome for you and find ways to make things better. Wherever a suggestion comes from, we talk about it. If we agree, we change how we do business. We even give out awards every year to our customer service representatives for their best suggestions.

Here are just some of the many changes we’ve made to treat you fairly

  • Pay interest to customers, even when the Bank of England dropped interest rates so low that we didn’t have to.
  • Remind customers about benefits they’re not using – such as switching funds or getting help if they’re too ill to work – even when it cost us money.
  • Alert customers who asked us to transfer their pension when we think they could be at risk of a pension scam.
  • Have tailored training and processes to help our customer service teams better support vulnerable and older customers.
  • Have gone above and beyond to reunite customers with money due to be paid from their plans. That had not previously been claimed. Almost £1million in the past three years.
  • Introduced more flexible processes to help customers through Covid or in financial hardship.