How can I give you permission to talk to someone else about my policy?

If you’ve got a specific question about your policy that you’d like us to talk through with someone else – such as a family member or a financial adviser – all you need to do is call us while they’re in the room with you.

We’ll do a few quick checks to make sure we’re talking to you, and not someone pretending to be you, then you can just pass the phone over to the person you’d like us to speak to.

If you’d like us to be able to share information about your policy with someone else, all you need to do is fill in a ‘Letter of Authority’ form and post it to us.

Once we’ve got your form, we’ll be able to talk to them without checking with you. But we won’t let them make any changes to your policy.

If you’ve already given us permission to talk to someone else, and you’d either like to update their details or end that permission, all you need to do is write to us or give us a call.